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Turning Round On The Turntable : Eddy Current Suppression Ring, the Detroit Cobras/Kenny Tudrick, Tamara Luonto, the Chats

Eddy Current Suppression Ring - All In Good Time Lp - Castle Face records - 2019

What a damned good album the Melbourne’s guys recorded in May! The brand new album of Eddy Current Suppression Ring x, All In Good Time, has turned around maybe 100 times in a fortnight !

A good opportunity to revisit their entire discography !
After a 2006 self-titled Lp on Dropckick Records with some pretty good punk tunes, the four guys in the band really found their own sound on the 2007 Primary Colours LP, released on the compulsory label Goner Records. A sound at the crossroad of a typically mid-noughties mid-tempo garage/punk and a stylish 79’s post-punk, with hypnotic bass lines, standing-in-the-head-Buzzcocks-like’s riffs on guitar with a few touches of high tones’ noise, and that distinctive, piercing voice close to the one of Ian MacKaye. Wrapped Up, Colour Television or Which Way To Go, just to mention a few timeless killing hits. The 2009 Rush to Relax gatefold LP on Shock definitively set down their sound and fame. The Melbourne’s band stopped there without realizing how huge their influence was going to turn: the virtuous circle was on in the city, loads of awesome bands started at that point, Anti Fade Records was created, a huge Aussie garage punk/post punk wave surged till that final tsunami that is nowadays sweeping the world.

The Aussie Kings of the post punk revival released this 11-level-headed-tunes’ All In Good Time LP in 2019 and we gladly found them back where they left us ten years ago : same kind of marked mid-tempo - maybe a little slower than it used to be - on the drums, similar mesmerized bass lines and sharp catchy guitar riffs, welcomed stepping-up melodies and the same typical voice. The whole thing was being served by a very well producted work.

A perfect trip in the soundings of the noughties garage punk (thinking of King Khan & the BBQ on Vicariously Living and Shoulders) and of the racy cool post punk one (Medieval Wall, Human Race and Future Self, a killer track with these Dark White’s tasty notes of Antenagers MC), in the freaky, almost destructured arty punk world (All In Good Time and Like A Comet), in the 70’s getting-high psyche universe (Modern Man and Reoccuring Dreams) and in the early 80’s garage pub rock atmosphere (Our Quiet Whisper and Voices, with that delicious smell of the New Rose RecordsBlack Bottom’s period of the Troggs)

Let’s add to this some intimist, emotional but easing, lyrics included with the record, dealing with the weight of life and death, the constant fight for not-giving-up one’s own hope, the call for a break in the folish race of the world, the little voices and dreams driving the creative process or the better-than-speaking need to get action.

The boss of Castle Face Records x, the Californian label which released this awesome album, also leads the psyche garage band thee Oh Sees. Beside this one, he put out some records of many bands such as Ty Segal, Useless Eaters, King Gizzard & the Lizzard Wizard or recently Prettiest Eyes, one of the guest band of the next Rock à la Buse festival.

The Detroit Cobras / Kenny Tudrick - Stay Down Lightning Byrds - Wild Honey Records - 2019

Another striking event occurred in 2019 when the Detroit Cobras x came back and achieved this brilliant single, released on the Italian Wild Honey Records x (undoubtedly, the best label of the year).

Cyril Guru, singer and solo guitarist in the Reims' Torso Twisters had stuck my nose into this Michigan band in the late 90's and the Mink, Rat Or Rabbit Lp, on Sympathy For The Record Industry, quickly became one of my favorite records. Four albums and a bunch of singles followed.
During ten years, the musicians in the band managed to catch the heart of rock'n'roll and garage with their mid-tempo tunes - mostly cover songs, backing-up the outstanding soul'n'blues voice of the classy Rachel Nagy, whose ease to travel into louder as well as higher tones was quite disturbing.

The same recipe surrounds this single. Kenny Tudrick, the drummer, but also producer, engineer and songwriter in his spare time, wrote the two songs.
The Detroit Coras strongly appropriates the awesome A-side, Stay Down, while a surprising spaghetti western introduction and melodious girly choirs enhance what seems to be a sad loving-affair song - old pipes always give the sweetest smoke...
Drea Duchenne is the B-side guest, and she sings on a cool, bluesy-rhythm song, Lighning Byrds, with a Amy Whinehouse-like deep soul voice. A real desire for a wiggling around party !

Tamara Luonto - Made in China / Kirsikkapommi sp - LSD Records - 2019

The release of this 3-pieces girls’ band from Helsinki, Finland, Tamara Luonto x, was a tremendous, refreshing and easy-going breakthrough in 2019.

They have that particular sound of this short period of the mid-70’s when the bridge between glam rock and American punk was fully opened, with the Runaways as a leading band. An easy-to-find reference as a translated-into-Finnish cover of the hit Cherry Bomb, the exotic Kirsikkapommi, lays on the B-side of the single.
Made in China, on the A-side, with its pretty high tone both on the catchy guitar’s riff and solo, and the melodious voice of the singer or the distinctive high choirs, has a charming DIY taste and seems to be a song full of happy nostagia.

The picture on the front cover, showing the three glam-looking girls wildely staring at us, seems to come directly from the mid-70’s. They released a demo tape on their own structure in 2018, Fuck Rekords, and finally landed on the tiny, Finnish label LSD (Lempi & Sylvi Discs x - by the way, check their re-edition of the stunning early 80's KBD-punk SOS)

The Chats - Pub Feed sp - Burger Records - 2019

The three guys in the Chats x also come from the burning land, they are crazily young and look like stupid jerks with their mullets, backwards baseball caps and woodmen's shirts, they love beers, parties and straight-in-yar-face punk rock, the guitarist sharply strums three chords while he yells silly, naive lyrics with his piercing teenager's voice, the bassist plays onward, punchy 77-punk lines and the drummer beats a fast tempo while they both shout on the singer short, striking chorus... Welcome in the fun world, without any sulkiness, of the blowing Chats ! Kind of a modern version of the Stiff Little Fingers or Cockney Rejects for the raw, street music and the early-Spits for the stop-thinking, reckless attitude. Also thinking about their crude, snappy Aussie fellows in Wet Blankets.

Since they put out their Smoko hit, their self-released records Bargain Bin Records x were always quickly snapped up. It was obvious that they were going to land on Burger records x, which guiding principle has ever been something like Play stupid punk music, Go crazy and Have fun ! The Californian tape label re-edited some of the hard-to-find Chats' records and released two new 7inches singles : Pub Feed and Identity Theft.

Same basic ingredients for the two songs laying on the record.
Pub Feed, on the A-side, is a hymn to the pub food & beers - vegans and straight edges, get pissed off ! - and the B-side Temperature, is a hot, aggressive song caught during a live session.
Mix and mastering were done by the key engineer Mikey Young (member of Eddy Current Suppression Ring, once again around any current Aussie band).

Yeah, for sure, what I need now is a good pub feed !

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