Monday 20 January 2020

Compilation : Worldwide Wildness And Other Craziness...

Here comes the wild bunch of 2019’ fav nuggets at Shut Up And Play The Music !

All these awesome bands are referenced on every track, so, listen to their other tunes, check the reviews made around here, support them live, have a drink with them sometime and buy some records to their fabulous labels !

Surely, the best way to give a fuck to all that mud surrounding us.

I make no business on this Deezer comp’, but if ever you don’t want to feature on it, whatever the reasons, just ask!

Click on the link below and enjoy !



01 - Terry - Bizzo And Tophat - Australia - Upset The Rhythm
02 - The Shifters - Photo Op - Australia - Future Folklore Records 
03 - School Damage - Scump Damage 1 - Australia - Upset The Rhythm Records
04 - Tamara Luonto - Made In China - Finland - LSD Records
05 - Parsnip - Winter - Australia - Anti Fade Records - 2018
06 - The Space Padlocks - 7th Son - France - Bitume Rugueux
07 - Runaway Nuns - Resistor – South Africa - Now Now Just Now Records
08 - Kenny Tudrick + Drea Duchenne - Lightning Byrd - USA - Wild Honey Records
09 - The Jack Cades - Run Paulie Run - UK - Sasham Records/DangerHouse Skylab
10 - Mark Sultan - Heart Attack - Germany - Slovenly Records
11 - The Thirty Eights - Tiki Torcher – South Africa - Now Now Just Now Records
12 - The Chats - Pub Feed - Australia - Bargain Bin Records
13 - Disco Junk - Defenestration - Australia - HoZac Records
14 - Radioactivity - Erased - USA - Wild Honey Records
15 - Asphalt - Mopedelic - France - Juvenile Delinquent
16 - Condor - Chacun Pour Soi - USA/France - Beach Impediment Records
17 - Teenage Hearts - Won't change me - France - Primator Crew Records
18 - Les Teckels - We Miss You So - France - Euthanasie Records
19 - Euromilliard - Élève modèle - France - Polly Maggoo Records
20 - TV's Daniel - Better Than It's Been – USA - Wild Honey Records
21 - ZAC - The King Is Dead - Italy - Damaged Goods Records 
22 - The Sorels - She's In The Gang - Canada - Surfin'Kid Records
23 - Eddy Current Suppression Ring - Vicariously Living - Australia - Castle Face Records
24 - Pinoreks - Worst Case - Germany - Self-released 
25 - Frustration - Electric Heat (Visitors Cover) - France - Blind Records
26 - Pscience - Chance Encounter - USA - Space Taker records 
27 - Kilkil - Auspuffgase - La Réunion - Maudit Tangue Records
28 - Maria Violenza - La Balade De L'Indiférence - Italy - Kaka Kids Records
29 - Eerie Family - Dead Stars Still Shine On Us Tonight - USA - Alien Snatch Records
30 - Louder Than Death - Play Safe - Khannibalism Records - Germany/France 

Saturday 18 January 2020

Turning Round On the Turntable : Frustration, Eerie Family, Disco Junk, ZAC

FRUSTRATION - So Cold Streams - LP - BORN BAD Records - 2019

Born Bad Records x released the fifth Frustration’s album x last summer. The Parisian label has ever had a consistent approach on it multi-faced choices and set up an extensive selection of records. Kind of a modern New Rose Records, the compulsory 80’s French label… As usual, Shut Up And Play the Music, arrives monthes after the fair. Indian Ocean remains sometimes such a far away area...

Half a year before the release of this album, the band had announced a huge evolution in its sounding and its universe. The kind of announcement that usually sounds pretty scary when made by a beloved band. But regarding the background, the guaranteed tastes and the musical gift of the five guys involved, no deep worries to have on that. So,what’s on with this new album ? Deep evolution or a few remainings of the good old Frustration ?

An evidence comes from the very first listening ! A strong indus sound reoccurs throughout the whole album : heavily-marked drum-machine beats alongside the usual drums tempo, piercing electro sounding and/or low tones larsens on the keyboards, freaky plays on harmonics and two-notes gimmicks turning over and over on the guitar... Those little noises all seem to come straight from a never-resting factory.
Evolution of the sounding too with a few marvelous incursions into some classy 1979 post-punk sonorities with additional experimental attempts : the quiet Lil’White Sister and its blowing final blast ; or the moving mid-tempo Slave Markets with its Arabic oud interlude that calmly back-ups a poetic but aggressive - fuck you cunt !, belched with a strong British-suburbs accent - slam of the Sleaford Mods’ singer, who was invited to sing on this song.
Last, but not least, the deep dive into an eerie world of madness… A coherent sequence in fact, as the band left us with the foolish Drawback self-released single on Blind Records last year and opens now the album with the Insane song : tireless vocals shouting, stressful choirs, harrowing repetitive riffs on guitar and keyboards, same kind of insane lyrics. This weighing dark wave atmosphere also stands on Brume, which lyrics are written in French - a noticeable novelty too.

Yet, the good old Frustration distinctive markers lay everywhere : onward bass, distinctive guitar play, heady synthetic organs’ layers, striking beats on the drums, the Baldo’s artwork on the cover, the sincere friendship (the hommage to Baptiste, the deceased singer in Pierre & Bastien, one of the most significant French punk band in the mid-teenies) and above all, the highly recognizable, deep voice of the singer, which travels into high and low tones with such an incredible ease.
A more traditional sound also reconnects us to their previous releases : cold wave on Some Friends; nervy punk tunes with violent guitar outbursts on Pepper Spray and Pulse ; high-tempo electro/post-punk one When Does a Banknote Start To Burn?; and as usual, a timeless technoid closing track : Le Grand Soir (with French lyrics too).

I have closely followed this band since its beginnings, I’m so glad that Frustration has concomitantly managed to go forward and to keep its own identity, all that without taking huge advantages of its well-established notoriety. A notoriety that was wisely and properly used during the recent events linked to the place Les Mains d’Oeuvres, when the city council of Saint Ouen, a city located in the Paris’ nearby suburbs, tried to close this independant, cultural and underground center.


Two major punk bands from Austin blew up the power-pop/garage-punk scenes in the late-noughties : the Marked Men and the Hex Dispensers. The Alex Cuervo’s band left us back in 2015 with the awesome III LP on Alien Snatch Records x. This whole powered punk album, driven by the warm, intense voice of the singer, was fully counterbalanced at the end by a very last track, Hypersleep, with some beautifully melodious female vocals on a haunting, slightly grungy dark wave sound, that was potentially announcing a different musical orientation of the Hex Dispensers’ members.

It is huge delight to find these two distinctive voices back on a new duo band : Eerie Family x. Alex Cuervo plays loud gothic organs, extending this way his synth-punk/ electro-space-rock Espectrostatic solo project, while Alyse Mervosh is on the drums.
The simultaneous vocals successfully mingle with one another, the lyrics seem quite eerie, every doomed musical note or minimalist riff deeply resonates with the body, the weighing darkness of the electro-pop sound offsets the relaxing tempo on the drums and the clear sonority of the whole thing (the Marked Men Mark Ryan’s touch on the mixing/mastering?). This outer-space post-punk / no wave atmosphere is strengthened by the gloomy, weird front cover of the Lp.
A really moving immersion into a depressive, dead-end world and a sound close to the Joy Division’s and Blank Dogs’quietest stuffs, the Kavinsky’ s soundtrack of the Drive movie, the Kaka Kids Records blast, or even the PixiesWave of Mutilation song, this one being transcendly covered on the final track of the album.

The German label, Alien Snatch Records, mostly involved in efficient garage punk/ power-pop bands, offered us lately last year an unusual release. The label is scheduling a European tour in August 2020. You now know how to spend your leisure time next summer !

DISCO JUNK - Underage Punk ep - HOZAC Records - 2019

My girlfriend lately seemed fairly fed up with all those too serious dark wave/synth-punk stuff and depressive cold/post-punk craps. Since her garage-addicts’ friends get her ears into that band - Disco Junk x, the daily apero sessions have ever broken up in wild jump-dancings, violent head-bangings and piercing screamings from the whole family, kids included…

The two (three?) guys in the band are indecently young (16 years’old!), go to school in Sydney, Australia, seem cheeky (the hilarous sentence on the back cover : Mastered by Mikey Young, so you know it’s hip !), hassle-free (except for a few understandable bad trips that they had on the bands’ facebook and linked to climate changes and burning lands) and they know what in-yar-face punk means ! A band to put alongside the Aussie - too - Chats and Wet Blankets.
They introduce themselves with an addictive 7inch and four wild lo-fi garage/old school hxc tunes. Sharp 3-chords guitar play and 5-seconds-lasting guitar solo, binary fast tempo, teenagers’ nervy voices : the songs are packaged in less than 80 seconds. A Dischord Records’ atmosphere surrounds the whole thing and the hip-hop touch on the breaks of the outstanding Defenestration reminds the Beastie BoysPolly Wog Stew ep.

Since 2006, the refined Chicago diggers in HoZac Records x have ever been looking after golden punk bands and 70’s unknown jewels and they released this records last summer. Can’t you hear that call  coming up from the mine ? HoZac ! HoZac ! HoZac ! Ho ! ZAC ?

ZAC - I Got Something In My Mind/The King Is Dead Sp - DAMAGED GOOD Rec. - 2019

Sincere apologizes for the hazardous transition above and the stupid wordplay… The present record of the Italian band ZAC x has of course nothing to do with the label previously mentioned, even if it could factually have featured on it.
Damaged Goods Records x, the famous London-based label specialized in the Medways’ scene, moved out from its usual path when it released this single, a 7inch full of happiness, freshness and strongly looking back towards the late 60’s/early 70’s.

The A-side tune, I Got Something In My Mind x, has that sweety taste of Bubblegum Pop (Ohio Express, the Archies…) while the B-side, The King Is Dead x, with its devastating 70’s guitar riff and its marked mid-tempo, gives a freak glam-rock nugget with a sound close to the ZAC’s Italian 72’s fellow Richi Heinen, the prevaling NYC hits’ machine Brower or Hunx & His Punx for the camp voice.
Lorenzo Moretti, guitar hero in the compulsory bands Taxi and Giuda, keeps on digging the vast world of glam-rock with this new band, and the single steps further on back to the very early 70’s. An immersion highly strengthened by the minimalist rainbow and a Saint-Etienne-team faded green color of the front cover. A Lp was released lately last year on the same label.
A remarkable work and thanx to Juvenile Delinquent Records for the awesome discovery !

Monday 13 January 2020

Talking with... Mr Occhio One-man-band

Les Roches Noires - the nowadays deserted surf spot, Saint Gilles-les-Bains, Reunion Island.
Under a January bright and hot sun, Cristian Bergoglio, the tattooed guy in Mr Occhio, a local and awesome garage punk / delta blues one-man-band, explained his frustration and disappointment about the local surfing situation : "fucking sharks crisis" !
It was kind of a duty to interview him in the place where we had met three years before.
The guy, in his mi-40’s, was Italian born and left his country 6 years ago for Reunion Island. He was really talkative - he talked for two, easy thing for a hushing interviewer on his first try - and lengthily came back on his Turin’s background, his musical tastes, his ups and downs in his carrier as a one-man-band, his Reunion Island years, his projects and his brand new Absürd festival organisation.

U’ Onda d’Urto Italiana! is the perfect soundtrack to read this wild thing. A travel, settled down with the help of Mr Occhio of course, through 50 years of degenerated Italian rock’n’roll : rockab,  60’s beat, psyche garage, glam rock, proto-punk, 77 punk, Oi, post-punk, revival garage, hxc, anarco-punk, garage punk, surf, lo-fi noisy garage, power-pop, punk’n’roll, dark wave, weirdos… 
Two more little things to add : you need to register on a free Deezer account to listen to more than 30-seconds-lasting songs, sorry for that... And you're right, among these 30 songs, there's half a mistake (French Savoie used to be an Italian area indeed), up to you to find it!


Fasten your seat bells and enjoy the whole thing !

You arrived here in 2013. Why did you move from your country ?
Well, living in Italia was a pretty difficult thing after 20 years of Berlusconi's policy. His neo-liberalism policy was pretty special and he was a dickhead, but above alI, I couldn't stand all those people who had voted for him and it became a problem in my daily life. Your job's colleagues, folks in pubs and in fact, most of the people surrounding you who had caught that collective mentality called berlusconism... It's a complex thing to live with such people.
There was also the ambiant racism, the shading conditions in the job world resulting from this hard neo-liberalism wave, the cultural devastation due to his media control, all those sorts of things... With the arrival of the liberal left to power, things didn't change that much. Yet, I'm all the more grateful that they saved thousands of lives in the Mediterranean Sea during the Italian Mare Nostrum's operations, even if it widely opened the gates to far right populisms and radical answers to immigration issues.

So you left Italy because of the toxic political and social atmosphere... Why did you choose La Reunion Island?
In fact, I wanted to set down in La Chaux-de-Fonds, a Swiss Canton lost in the Jura mountains, where some close friends of mine lived and organized gigs. A really special and nice place, but it was so cold there ! As I had lived many years in a tiny village perched at 1500m in the Alps, I decided to have a 6-monthes try in a sunny country during the winter time, bought a single ticket to Reunion Island and I have stayed here ever since. I don't see any other more lovely place to live on so far, Europe is so spoiled and fucked up. Life is really good around here ! Sunny life, cool people, daily fishing parties...

The Background: the Turin hxc punk years.

How did you get into punk music? What were the first bands plugged into your ears ?
Thanx to my skateboard’s friends ! We were 13 years old teenagers fond of Suicidal Tendencies, Slayer, Metallica and trash metal, I deeply loved Appetite For Destruction, the Guns N’Roses best album !

In the early 90’s, you played in Cruelty Free Core and started to get involved in the Turin punk hardcore (hxc) scene… How was this scene ?
It was a punk hxc band indeed. It was before the vulgarisation and the business made with some US punk bands (Offspring, Green Day…), we had no official media or major label relays. The Turin punk scene was an underground DIY scene, coming straight from the mid-80’s which saw bands such as Negazione. We self-released records and the only places in Turin where we could organize punk gigs were self-managed places and social centers. This alternative hxc punk wave was a really huge thing in Italy for teenagers, there was nothing else to do beside nightclubing, which wasn’t our cup of tea...

Were they something like the squats we had in France in the early 80’s ?
I don’t know, but these weren’t those squats with gutter punks addicted to drugs and rave parties that surged in the late 90’s. I have the feeling that the Trainspotting movie brought some kinds of glamour to heroin and I saw my underworld being spoiled by hard drugs around 1998.
They were hold by seriously politicised militants linked to anarchist and autonomous political movements which had emerged during the 70’s Italian Years of Leads. During those bloody years, the Italian government had taken many restrictive actions to fight against political meetings, and by extension public gatherings. These autonomous, mostly illegal, places remained a long time after the only places for counter-culture, DIY fanzines, radio, rock gigs and networks.
In 1995/96, Turin, with its one billion inhabitants, had something like 15 self-managed places with 2/3 gigs a week each. Fugazi, NoFX, Offspring, Rancid played there during their first tours.

What were the influences of the punks from the late 70’s/early 80’s on hxc punk scene?
Really weak. The autonomist guys in these centers had strictly no understanding of the British movement. For them, the Sex Pistols were just a nihilist band, some provocative folklores at best or some stupid nazis at least. But when the UK band Crass surged around 81/82 with its political approach, they really started to look at the punk movement in a different way. The libertarian attitude linked to this band brought a new vitality to these places, a new generation get involved in anarchist action, created new illegal places...

You played later on with I Fichissimi (1994 - 1996) and La Maschera Di Ferro (1997 - 2000). The sound of the last one seemed much more into melodic hxc… The militant side was still there ?
Melodic hxc, not that much… We didn’t listen to the Californian skatepunk bands, Epitaph Records, etc... We were more into the Washington hxc bands, such a Rites of Spring, Embrace... We also loved the bands on Ebullition Records and the HeartattaCk fanzine, it was what we called emocore, not talking here about Tokio Hotel of course.
I Fichissimi was pretty well known among Italian teenagers and quickly won some fame in the country. The lyrics might appear quite simple and fun, but there were still strong reflexions underneath. We didn’t play that much outside Turin but when we did, it was on a week-end return journey and we were stronghly looking after militant places for our shows. They still remained our world.
Check this little anecdote ! We were in contact with Propagandhi, an activist Canadian punk band which had won a huge notoriety. They were scheduled by a big tour-booker who was planning tours for NoFx and all these commercial things, he was going to made them play in appalling nightclubs and shitty places. We were so sorry for them, these places didn’t match with the political commitment of Propagandhi ! We offered them the opportunity to play huge social, cultural and political self-managed center, with something like 2000 people, Il Forte Prenestino in Rome or Leoncavallo in Milan. They finally toured with us and their decision was in the straight line of their speech. Something normal in fact that could seem nowadays quite extremist for many.

The Italian illustrator ZeroCalcare, often comes back in his comix to the mid-90’s Roman hxc scene and all these autonomous places… He also talks about the 2001 protests at the anti-G8-summit in Gênes.
I know his work but we’ve never met, we have the same common background.
Of course, I was in Gênes in 2001. With many friends coming from the hxc movement, we were deeply involved into the Black Blocs, we did violent things - we weren’t hippies, and surprisingly, none of us was worried or sued afterward. I really realized during theses events that the government leaders let the things going spoiled on purpose. They knew who we were, but did nothing… Although they had really efficient methods to deal with stadiums hooligans for instance, they left the Black Blocs do whatever they wanted and launched a massive attack on pacific protestors. They did it on purpose to discredit the whole pacific movement and to avoid to speak about the reasons of the protest ! A technique that still works nowadays…
You really need to understand that all those autonomous places, this anarchist activism and this alternative hxc punk movement were a really huge thing in Italy They were my background. You couldn’t avoid the thing if you were a wild teenager. The same kind of thing occured earlier in France with Bérurier Noir.

Did you like Nabat and Italian Oi music?
Nabat, of course ! They were a legend. A moment occured when I get really fed up with all these political things, I moved away in a small village in the Alps and had lots of shitty jobs. I there felt in love with scooterism, Vespa customizing, records’ collecting, scooter conventions, I started Dj’ing rock steady, Jamaican ska and Northern soul, so, even if I wasn’t really into Oi music, I was pretty close to the skinhead scene. Klasse Kriminale even asked me once to be their guitarist.
I also played in a band, Paula Rebels, it was really fun, we were dressed up as Piedmontese mountains people, we made covers of punk and Oi standards (Cock Sparrer, the 4-Skins, the Stooges…), on our own Italian-translated way : Piedmunt belongs to me, All Civic Are Bastards (ACAB)...

Mr Occhio : the Italian period.

And when did you come into garage music ?
When I was 15, I made a Cramps’ tape that turned round a lot. I think I had ever appreciated the Italian 60’s garage beat. Just to name a few : I Pelati, I Bisonti, I Raggazi Dai Capelli Verdi, the Ranger Sound or I Fantom’s with their pre-Velvet Underground psyche sound.

In 2005, you set Mr Occhio. How did it happened ?
I bought one day a Robert Johnson double-Cd compilation, I thought there were three guitars. He was alone ! I decided to buy a 2-tapes delta blues guitar method and worked a few monthes on finger picking. You know, my guitar play had ever been really done on a punk way.
I once saw a King Automatic’s show in Nice, France... I then realized that this was the music I wanted to play !
Later on, we shared many stages. Perhaps 50 shows. I even made choirs on one of his records, Lorraine Exotica, on Voodoo Rhythm Records. I had some days off and I drove to Nancy to Jeremy’s place. He was recording songs and needed an extra-voice. As I was around… We had lots of fun !

Things quickly started for the one-man-band…
Thanx to Myspace ! It used to be an awesome social network dedicated to culture and music, much better than facebook ! A pity that it get totally disused… I recorded a song in my kitchen and loaded it on Myspace. In a 3-months time, I had something like 100.000 views !

After this blowing Myspace start, Squoodge Records released a song of Mr Occhio on a 7inch compilation in 2008...
Yeah, and shortly after, I recorded the album Hard Boiled. Five labels released it. That the advantage of a co-release, each label had its own audience, contact and press relay. Pescesiluro Records, that was me. You know I’m in love with fishing, there were those huge silurid/catfish in the local Pô river and it was a kind of reference to the Mississippi river. Burning Sound Records were those close friends living in La Chaux-de-Fonds. They also play in Hallelujah Mother Helpers, a great garage psyche band. Escape From Today Records came from the Turin hxc scene, a familial structure too, we all knew each other, they strongly extanded their musical range and always released high quality bands. Check their funtastic Paolo Spaccamonti’s noisy releases ! Sonatine Records was also a hxc label, releasing good hardcore sound, not the plastic one. They were also into stoner things. The last one, Jacob Records, was more into garage (Movie Star junkies) and noisy experimental things (Le Singe Blanc, I’m pretty glad they’re playing the next Rock à la Buse festival this year).

Are you still happy with this album ?
Yes, for sure ! My only regrets is not to have issued 700 copies ! The 500 issues were quickly sold out. The distribution was mainly based on DIY trades and I sold many of them after my shows.

You toured a lot and played international show…
I played something like 100 shows a year, I had a central position in Europe, so it was pretty easy to play Italy, Switzerland and Germany. But France was pretty difficult. I notice there are two single ways to play there. If you’re famous, you have access to public fundings places (SMACs...) with nice earnings, but if you’re unknown, you play bars with modest fees than hardly pay the gaz for the car. There’s something weird around that. In taly and Germany, café-concert bars have a professional oragnisation, they have their own sound checker, lots of people are involved and artists are well treated...

I guess you pretty well knew the Movie Star Junkies from Turin ?
Yes, they are good friends of mine !
During the mid-80’s revival garage, there was a huge Turin band, Sick Rose. They boosted a lot the local garage scene. By the way, they still play a nice power-pop sound. Later on in the mid-90’s, we had those awesome nuggets called the Cave Dogs, kinds of local Cramps, the Two Bo’s Maniacs which had an extrem lo-fi garage sound - they shared a split with the Oblivians on Hate Records, and Killer Klown . It was a huge blast for the Turin garage scene, they organized awesome garage punk gigs’ in the El Paso squat, New Bomb Turks, Teengenerates and all the Crypt Records bands played there, that was how I discovered garage punk. Something was really on !!
The guys in Movie Star Junkies ? I met them when they were teenagers, they had a band called Braccobaldos, we had the same rehearsal studio, La maschera Di Ferro, in the Barocchio social center. After, they started with the Introducers, released on Slovenly Records...

Pete Slovenly is an Italian guy, isn’t it ? I met him during the 2006 Spits’ tour...
His grand-mother was Neapolitan but he grew up in the USA. He came back in Naples and opened there the Slovenly bar in the early noughties. The Southern city wasn’t really into rock’n’roll things, but all the garage punk bands touring Europe played there during the 2 years he was holding the bar. He organized a Slovenly festival in Naples two years ago, a documentary film was made. This guy is everywhere... During a Brasilian tour, some guys there ask me if I knew Pete. He was DJ’ing the week before… At the beginning, he was a sticker guy, his company has produced stickers for the whole American underground world. He has his great label, he organizes international festivals and loves his work…

Yeah, the last one was in VietNam !! Ok, let’s end up with this Italian period...

Mr Occhio : Reunion Island time.

You arrived on Reunion Island in 2013 and didn’t play with Mr Occhio right away. A need to turn the page?
When I left Italy, I wasn’t fed up with rock’n’roll at all, but with its miserable conditions. I earned 200€a gig, played two gigs a week, had to pay for the gas and the fatal car repairs, my rental, without any state allowances… I did it 5 years, but as I was reaching my 40’s, I was in a need for some more decent jobs. So, after my move to Reunion Island, I worked into decoration, restauration… Showing isn’t my job anymore , I play 5 times a year for my pleasure, that’s all.

However, I have the feeling that you still have some desires… You have new songs, you are invited to an Italian festival...
Yes, some friends are organizing a one-man-band festival, Invasione Monobanda, in Roma on late-March. I said ok, I booked a few additional dates in Italy and Switzerland. I see this little tour as a short holidays period full of good time, I will surely take my father with me in the van. I wanted to release a 7inch for this tour but the recording session dragged on.

I saw that you have two new songs.
Nico, from the local noisy band Pamplemousse, is going to record them at home. He’s the only guy on Reunion Island with whom I’m 100% compatible regarding sounding questions, all the power directly from the onward guitar !

You have an other band, Son Of Ze Beach...
They were looking for a guiratist, I said ok, even if I didn’t have so much time for it. A tropical rock’n’roll band with 50’s and Cramps’ influences.

Any other side-project bands ?
Yes, I’m working on a vibrant kabar-noise project with the Tahitian-born Warren Hasawa. He’s a multifaceted artist, musician, poet, painter… A creator of the words and a sculptor of the speech… The idea is to back up him with disturbing, noisy layers of guitar on a ternary Indian Ocean tempo. A weirdos sound, mixing noise and kabar - the local jammed maloya fest - something in the same way as Master Musicians Of Bukkake.

Do you like maloya and sega lontan?
I love them both, but the 7inch are pretty hard to find on Reunion flea markets. Thanx to the awesome Geneva label Bongo Joe Records for the release of so many nuggets on its Indian Ocean sega compilations. I also love the old Mauritian sega, far more primitive, tribal, in a maloya’ way, than the Reunion sega, which was more a ballroom music. I think these three musical styles are as important as Jamaican rock steady. I recently discovered, thanx to You Tube, some 70’s Mauritian sega jewel, Grup Latanier, Siven Chinien…Whatever your favorite music, you can’t miss sega and maloya when you’re around here. It’s everywhere, on the radio, in the streets. Even the radio hits songs can be good, I’m thinking right now about the dancing Dodo baba, played by Sky To Be  : Dodo Baba, Dodo Alexi, Dodo Alexi, Mai Alexi Na Pa Lé Dormi... 

Absürd Fest, the blowing festival.

You organized a tour for Maria Violenza two monthes ago . How did you get in touch with her ?
I have known her for ages, I liked what she was doing with this one-woman-band, I didn’t have the money to pay plane tickets for a 4-pieces band and I wanted to organize a little event to tease our brand new structure : Absürd… So I invited her for a 5-dates tour in the local bars. She seemed to have loved the shows and the local life. The budget was balanced, the only sad thing was that I couldn’t pay her that much.

What’s going on with this Absürd Festival on the 29th of February 2020?
I was talking with some guys of the Kabardock’s team, most of them were involved into bands and gigs’ organisations, and they kind of pushed me to settle down a good rock’n’roll festival in late February 2020. I don’t have a huge budget enveloppe for the first edition, so I decided to start with a one-man-band festival : King Automatic from Nancy (Voodoo Rhythm Records) and Mr Marcaille from Lille (Et Mon Cul, C’est Du Tofu ? Records). They both are going to play a few additionnal shows as a teasing of the main event. Two huge headliners are invited on the big night on the 29th of February  : Bob Log III and Reverend Beatman. They both are going to play the next day a cruising live show on the Maloya catamaran. Mr Occhio, Remi Bricabrack and the local experimental psyche band Wanaï Jan will open the night. There’s a one-man-band concept, many opening and closing gigs, that’s a huge festival, all the bands are just awesome, cool and so rock’n’roll. I used to share stages with all of them, except for Reverend Beatman, but we once had some talks after a Monsters’ show in Zurich.

Is this a one-shot festival ? Will you keep on going with it afterward ?Any bands you would love to invite on Reunion Island ?
We won’t stand on the one-man-band concept. We’ll see… I would love to have Tom Waits or Nick Cave !! Grinderman would be so so great ! The band with Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, their video clips are realized by John Hillcoat.

You’re wearing a T-shirt with the ABR (A Beastly Rage) logo. Can you talk about this local artist ?
I met SaMi in this place, Les Roches Noires, during a surf session and he became a good drinking-party friend. He is a great street artist. With Mr Occhio, we made some live art performance together, that was fun.He does the visuel art of the flyers and the video teasers for Absürd (Maria Violenza, the forthcoming festival...). He left for Australia. The call for surf…

The call for surf… We met on this spot of les Roches Noires too... What about surfing on the island nowadays ? What about your other hobbies : Fishing and downhill skate ?
As we said before the interview, surf is sadly dead for me in this place… Even with a shark shield or with the sharks’ watchers in the water, it remains far too dangerous. So I restart fishing, I have good hopes to catch one day bull sharks or a tiger sharks. They are a plague, they are everywhere around here and kill everything, little reefs sharks, thuna fishes and so on. I don’t see the point to protect them as they are a threat for the other endangered species.
Reunion Island is the best spot in the world for downhill skate ! I started in the Alps because I was too old for skateparks. It’s less dangerous, the feelings are great… There’s a nice structure here, Bourbon Longskate. I even have an initiating federal certificate !

You’re covered with tattooes. Everybody has some nowadays… Does that still match with rock’n’roll ?
That’s really annoying, indeed ! I sometimes want to fade them all away ! I started early on. Some friends at school had built an ink machine with a walkman rotor and a pen. Later on, with my first salary, I bought a Gibson guitar, with my second one a Marshall amp and with my third one, a tattoo machine. I still do some tattoo at home.

Anything to add ?
Life is beautiful on Reunion Island. And thank you for your interest.

OK, you now know everything about Cristian's public life and tastes! All you need to do now is to check his sound, have a drink at his shows and with him, come to his festival and more generally, support your local rock’n’roll scene. Cheers !

Friday 10 January 2020

Compilation : U’ Onda d’Urto Italiana!

I met Cristian Bergoglio a few days ago, he’s the guy in Mr Occhio one-man-band. While I was working on his interview we recorded (coming very soon), I checked many Italian bands we talked about and re-listened to many others I used to love. In the end, I decided to settle down this little compilation on the blog - the perfect soundtrack for the reading of the forthcoming interview - with awsesome tunes that made me travel through 50 years of wild Italian rock’n’roll. Most of the genres are represented : 60’s beat, psyche garage, glam rock, 77 punk, Oi, post-punk, revival garage, hxc, anarco-punk, garage punk, surf, lo-fi noisy garage, power-pop, punk’n’roll, weirdos...


01 - Clem Sacco E I Suoi Califfi - O Mama,Voglio Un Uovo Alla Coque Sp - Durium - 1961 
02 - I Raggazi Dai Capelli Verdi - Un Tipo Per Te - Sp - CDB - 1966
03 - The Ranger Sound - Ricordami -Ssp - CDB - 1966
04 - I Fantom’s - Le Insegne Pubblicitare - Sp - Musical Time - 1966
05 - I Tipi -La Raggaza - Sp - West Side - 1967
06 - Richie Heinen - Gimme Wine - Sp - Ariston - 1972
07 - Andrea Mingardi Supereircus - Plus - Sp - Ricordi - 1978
08 - Rancid X - Intoxication - Sp - Polydor - 1978
09 - Kaos Rock - Basta Basta - Sp -Cramps Records - 1980
10 - Other Side - Central - Self Released - 1982
11 - Nabat - Skin& Punk/Generazion 82 - Tape - 1983
12 - Not Moving - Behind Your Pale face - ep Movin’ Over - Electric Eye Records - 1983
13 - The Sick Rose - Nothing To Say -LP S/t - Electric Eye Records - 1986
14 - Negazione - Lo Spirito Continua - LP Lo Spirito Continua - Konkurrel - 1986
15 - I Fichissimi - Cervello - Un Mondo Fichissimo Ep - Abbestia !/El Paso/Barocchio - 1994
16 - Two Bo’s Maniacs - Stir-Fry - Split Sp /Oblivians - Hate Records - 1995
17 - Killer Klown - Destroy - LP Twist & Fuck - NonCe N’èRecords - 1996
18 - La Maschera Di Ferro - Revival - Split LP /Maru Poppins - Revival - 1998
19 - Braccobaldos/Introducers - Muchacha - Ep Nervorama - Pure Vinyl - 2001
20 - Motorama - Teenage Stomp ! - LP No Bass Fidelity - Vida Loca Records - 2003
21 - Taxi - All Over Me - Like A Do LP - Dead Beat Records - 2004
22 - Les Godzillas - Quel Punto (Cover) - Greedangelamento 10inch - Larsen Records - 2004
23 - Movie Star Junkies - Lipstick - Sp - Nasty Product - 2007
24 - Mr Occhio - Occe Rotte - Hard Boiled - Co-released - 2010
25 - Capputtini I Lignu - Digging U A Hole - Sp Shit Music o Shit People - 2010
26 - The Rippers - I Wanna Something About - Sp - Surfin’Ki Records - 2016
27 - Radio Days - Why Don’t You Love Me Anymore - Lp -Surfin’ Ki Records - 2016
28 - Miss Chain & The Broken Heels - Uh Uh - Sp - Bachelor Records - 2016
29 - Maria Violenza - Falso Samurai - Split Sp/Usé - Kakakids Records - 2019
30 - Paolo Spaccamonti - Ablazioni - LP Volume Quattro - Escape From Today - 2019

Thursday 9 January 2020

Gigs' Reviews : Austral Winter Gigs Part 3 : Maria Violenza, Les Morts Vont Bien, Jessica 93

Was the timing a pure coincidence ? Was it the Reunion uprising call for some dark wave’s sound ? Did the 1000 Balles Records and the Geneva Kakakids Records x planned the whole thing on purpose ? Wasn’t it simply a question of high quality and integrity of the worthy bands on these labels ? Whatever ! Three local gigs’ associations, without any close connexions - a garage, a punk/synth-punk and an electro one, invited three bands of the two structures in November  : Maria Violenza, Les Morts Vont Bien and Jessica 93. To the delight of those distinctive tribes, which had a perfect opportunity to stick together !

MARIA VIOLENZA’s Tour - from the 11/10 to 20/10/2019 - Reunion Island

Christiano Bergoglio, the guy in Mr Occhio, seems highly motivated to organize gigs on Reunion Island. A huge One-man-band garage festival in scheduled in the city of Le Port in February - stay tuned, the informations are coming very soon - and, with his brand new structure, Absürd Fest x - what an awesome name ! - he settled down a test tour for his Italian fellow one-woman-band Maria Violenza x.

They met in the mid-noughties, when Christina Cusimano, the girl in the band, get fully involved in the Italian connexion of La Grande Triple Alliance Internationale de l’Est. This federation of compulsory bands - the Normals, the Feeling Of Love, Scorpion Violente, Black Boy Georges, Delacave... just to name a few of them - was originally based in Eastern France (the Nancy, Metz and Strasbourg’s triple axes) and brought a huge blast in the French garage, psyche, noisy or weirdos sound, which made the heydays of great labels such as Yakisakana Records, Nasty Records, Roccoco Records...
They quickly established a strong link with the Roman scene : the Intellectuals, Motorama or Capputtini I Lignu, this one featuring Chritina

She came back in the mid-teenies with a solo project which has been smashing everything on its path : Maria Violenza. The sound ? Groovy electro-beat on the drum machines, loud gothic sounding organs’ riffs, minimalist guitar lines and side-drums heavy strikes, all of them being recorded, step by step, during her live sessions, and being set on continuous loops. When this dark synth-pop musical part has been set up, she goes for some punctuated, intimist and moody depressive lyrics with her aggressive, but melodious, voice and raps on a hip-hop way, alternating French, English and native speaking. An amazing blow!

She played five awesome shows with local opening bands (Mr Occhio of course, Kilkil and Tuelipe - the new starting project of Pascale Kilkil, we’ll surely talk later about this electro-pop one-woman-band) in the best pubs and small stages: l’Abordage, la Cerise, the JP’s Rondavelle, StudioTic, le Maloya’s boat party (this one was cancelled due to heavy waves) and the Ravine des Roques association’s home place.

Check her baroque music lately released on Kakakids Records : her Scirocco Lp, her awesome Moissure/Rap 7inch and her split single with Usé.

LES MORTS VONT BIEN’s Tour - from the 30/10 to the 08/10 - Reunion Island

Perfect transition !! You know, Usé was that guy, Nicolas Edouard,  from Picardy who played during the 2019 Rock à La Buse festival, as a one-man-band, an impressive electro/punk/indus show with many touches of Northern France cabaret and weirdos sound.
He was back on the island with Carine Edouard, to introduce his duo band Les Morts Vont Bien x and they play three shows during a short local tour, with the help of the un-restless organizers of Maudit Tangue Records.

A really stressful dead-end atmosphere surrounded their dark wave disturbing show : a binary indus beat on the side drums, a minimalist gothic play on the organs, harrowing piercing experimental guitar riffs, a cold chanting voice enhanced by the French or German (Das Leben ist so schwarz!) speaking lyrics of the girly singer and outer-grave yelling choirs, confusing electro-transe sound, degenerated tribal tempo and dark waves… Such tremendous shows !

A really interesting and almost unlimited musical worl gravitates around this Amiens’ band : Usé, Headwar, La Race..., heavily supported by great labels (Label Brique Records, Et Mon Cul, C’est du Tofu ? Records, 1000 Balles Records or the young Kakakids Records…) and inter-connected with lots of bands into noisy, indus, electro-punk, synth-pop, no wave, dark wave trips.

They played two tremendous shows, with the support of Kilkil or Tuelipe, at le Zinc and la Cerise and ended up with a last minute open-air one on the Skatepark of La Saline-les-Bains with their mate Jessica 974’s (!!).

JESSICA 93 - 07/10/209 - Skatepark, La Saline-les-Bains - Reunion Island

Damned ! This date had been marked on the diary for monthes ! But some job’s imperatives made me missed this unique local date : a Jessica 93’ live performance happening on a stricto sensu wavy cruise of the classy Maloya catamaran. 
In December, a local electro event mixing techno, electro and world music, les Electrodocks, occurred  with the partnership of the public funds' place Le Kabardock. Before launching the main part of their event, they invited Geoffroy Laporte to play this opening exclusive one-shot show of Jessica 93 x on a boat. 
But luckely for me, some local pirates organized a last minute DIY show the next day in La Saline-les-Bains and the band played under the name of Jessica 974 (974 is the postal code for Reunion Island).

Jessica 93 may be a 4-pieces band as well as a solo project of the guy. As for any one-man-bands playing electro stuffs, he uses a drum machine for the beat and some live-recorded loops on the guitar. As soon as the arrangements were fully placed, this accursed-poet-looking-like played awesome lines of bass and sang troubled lyrics with a doomed voice. The vibrant sound, at the crossroad of depressed independent rock, electro-pop, grunge, noise and shoegaze was greatly gloomy. A catchy effect for sure, and kind of a weird miss-match with the happy families and the jovial teenagers’ atmosphere that floated on the skate spot.

A few last words to mention the connexion between Jessica 93 and all the previous named bands via all those labels , without forgetting Teenage Menopause Records x. All these bands and records should be prescribed as a medical treatment to fight against hypertension and happiness ! ;-)

Tuesday 7 January 2020

Turning Round On The Turntable : Eddy Current Suppression Ring, the Detroit Cobras/Kenny Tudrick, Tamara Luonto, the Chats

Eddy Current Suppression Ring - All In Good Time Lp - Castle Face records - 2019

What a damned good album the Melbourne’s guys recorded in May! The brand new album of Eddy Current Suppression Ring x, All In Good Time, has turned around maybe 100 times in a fortnight !

A good opportunity to revisit their entire discography !
After a 2006 self-titled Lp on Dropckick Records with some pretty good punk tunes, the four guys in the band really found their own sound on the 2007 Primary Colours LP, released on the compulsory label Goner Records. A sound at the crossroad of a typically mid-noughties mid-tempo garage/punk and a stylish 79’s post-punk, with hypnotic bass lines, standing-in-the-head-Buzzcocks-like’s riffs on guitar with a few touches of high tones’ noise, and that distinctive, piercing voice close to the one of Ian MacKaye. Wrapped Up, Colour Television or Which Way To Go, just to mention a few timeless killing hits. The 2009 Rush to Relax gatefold LP on Shock definitively set down their sound and fame. The Melbourne’s band stopped there without realizing how huge their influence was going to turn: the virtuous circle was on in the city, loads of awesome bands started at that point, Anti Fade Records was created, a huge Aussie garage punk/post punk wave surged till that final tsunami that is nowadays sweeping the world.

The Aussie Kings of the post punk revival released this 11-level-headed-tunes’ All In Good Time LP in 2019 and we gladly found them back where they left us ten years ago : same kind of marked mid-tempo - maybe a little slower than it used to be - on the drums, similar mesmerized bass lines and sharp catchy guitar riffs, welcomed stepping-up melodies and the same typical voice. The whole thing was being served by a very well producted work.

A perfect trip in the soundings of the noughties garage punk (thinking of King Khan & the BBQ on Vicariously Living and Shoulders) and of the racy cool post punk one (Medieval Wall, Human Race and Future Self, a killer track with these Dark White’s tasty notes of Antenagers MC), in the freaky, almost destructured arty punk world (All In Good Time and Like A Comet), in the 70’s getting-high psyche universe (Modern Man and Reoccuring Dreams) and in the early 80’s garage pub rock atmosphere (Our Quiet Whisper and Voices, with that delicious smell of the New Rose RecordsBlack Bottom’s period of the Troggs)

Let’s add to this some intimist, emotional but easing, lyrics included with the record, dealing with the weight of life and death, the constant fight for not-giving-up one’s own hope, the call for a break in the folish race of the world, the little voices and dreams driving the creative process or the better-than-speaking need to get action.

The boss of Castle Face Records x, the Californian label which released this awesome album, also leads the psyche garage band thee Oh Sees. Beside this one, he put out some records of many bands such as Ty Segal, Useless Eaters, King Gizzard & the Lizzard Wizard or recently Prettiest Eyes, one of the guest band of the next Rock à la Buse festival.

The Detroit Cobras / Kenny Tudrick - Stay Down Lightning Byrds - Wild Honey Records - 2019

Another striking event occurred in 2019 when the Detroit Cobras x came back and achieved this brilliant single, released on the Italian Wild Honey Records x (undoubtedly, the best label of the year).

Cyril Guru, singer and solo guitarist in the Reims' Torso Twisters had stuck my nose into this Michigan band in the late 90's and the Mink, Rat Or Rabbit Lp, on Sympathy For The Record Industry, quickly became one of my favorite records. Four albums and a bunch of singles followed.
During ten years, the musicians in the band managed to catch the heart of rock'n'roll and garage with their mid-tempo tunes - mostly cover songs, backing-up the outstanding soul'n'blues voice of the classy Rachel Nagy, whose ease to travel into louder as well as higher tones was quite disturbing.

The same recipe surrounds this single. Kenny Tudrick, the drummer, but also producer, engineer and songwriter in his spare time, wrote the two songs.
The Detroit Coras strongly appropriates the awesome A-side, Stay Down, while a surprising spaghetti western introduction and melodious girly choirs enhance what seems to be a sad loving-affair song - old pipes always give the sweetest smoke...
Drea Duchenne is the B-side guest, and she sings on a cool, bluesy-rhythm song, Lighning Byrds, with a Amy Whinehouse-like deep soul voice. A real desire for a wiggling around party !

Tamara Luonto - Made in China / Kirsikkapommi sp - LSD Records - 2019

The release of this 3-pieces girls’ band from Helsinki, Finland, Tamara Luonto x, was a tremendous, refreshing and easy-going breakthrough in 2019.

They have that particular sound of this short period of the mid-70’s when the bridge between glam rock and American punk was fully opened, with the Runaways as a leading band. An easy-to-find reference as a translated-into-Finnish cover of the hit Cherry Bomb, the exotic Kirsikkapommi, lays on the B-side of the single.
Made in China, on the A-side, with its pretty high tone both on the catchy guitar’s riff and solo, and the melodious voice of the singer or the distinctive high choirs, has a charming DIY taste and seems to be a song full of happy nostagia.

The picture on the front cover, showing the three glam-looking girls wildely staring at us, seems to come directly from the mid-70’s. They released a demo tape on their own structure in 2018, Fuck Rekords, and finally landed on the tiny, Finnish label LSD (Lempi & Sylvi Discs x - by the way, check their re-edition of the stunning early 80's KBD-punk SOS)

The Chats - Pub Feed sp - Burger Records - 2019

The three guys in the Chats x also come from the burning land, they are crazily young and look like stupid jerks with their mullets, backwards baseball caps and woodmen's shirts, they love beers, parties and straight-in-yar-face punk rock, the guitarist sharply strums three chords while he yells silly, naive lyrics with his piercing teenager's voice, the bassist plays onward, punchy 77-punk lines and the drummer beats a fast tempo while they both shout on the singer short, striking chorus... Welcome in the fun world, without any sulkiness, of the blowing Chats ! Kind of a modern version of the Stiff Little Fingers or Cockney Rejects for the raw, street music and the early-Spits for the stop-thinking, reckless attitude. Also thinking about their crude, snappy Aussie fellows in Wet Blankets.

Since they put out their Smoko hit, their self-released records Bargain Bin Records x were always quickly snapped up. It was obvious that they were going to land on Burger records x, which guiding principle has ever been something like Play stupid punk music, Go crazy and Have fun ! The Californian tape label re-edited some of the hard-to-find Chats' records and released two new 7inches singles : Pub Feed and Identity Theft.

Same basic ingredients for the two songs laying on the record.
Pub Feed, on the A-side, is a hymn to the pub food & beers - vegans and straight edges, get pissed off ! - and the B-side Temperature, is a hot, aggressive song caught during a live session.
Mix and mastering were done by the key engineer Mikey Young (member of Eddy Current Suppression Ring, once again around any current Aussie band).

Yeah, for sure, what I need now is a good pub feed !